WordPress support

Make your site flawless

Get support to your site, make the bugs disappear or make any custom changes you need. With Hilp, you get direct help from our experienced developers that will make a solution for you. Try our convenient WordPress plugin and see how easy it is!

Convenient plugin!

After installing the Hilp plugin you can with just a couple of clicks get support straight from a developer.

The Hilp button

The Hilp plugin will add one button to your admin-bar. This is from where you can get all the help you need. Easy, right?

Feeling stuck?

Don’t get distracted by fixing problems that pop up. Hand it to a developer and be more effective with the work you intended to do.

Trained to see websites as code!


Make your time worth while.

Let our experienced web-developers do the job for you. We have years of wordpress support experience, ranging from all types of sites. Whether you are a corporate company, a web-shop or a small startup – We got you covered!